About Us
Qualifying your Ballot Initiative or Referendum
Our expert strategists are ready now to assess your resources, needs and goals. Our state of the art custom petition management software system is designed to assure that your goals are met within the fastest possible time frame and at the lowest possible cost. We have multilayered safety checkpoints - both human and technological - that eliminate the dangers of guesswork. We'll walk you through the process, providing peace of mind today and valuable experience for the future. Our program is so well-proven that we actually guarantee:Your success is spelled out clearly in our contract, which guarantees a validity rate on every paid signature. It is our promise to you. We will absorb any cost - even pay for additional signatures - to ensure the campaign gets the number of valid signatures required by law for qualification. If we fall below the promised rate, we will cover the cost of attaining it. This means your petition qualifies - on budget - and your campaign saves money. Guaranteed.

Regulation Compliance
Last minute disqualification due to failure to comply with current state regulation can spell disaster for your campaign. We've seen firsthand how laws can change unexpectedly. We stay current with all requirements and research extensively to guarantee compliance with regulations in each state.

State of the Art Validity Checks
Our system of checking signatures starts with the fundamental belief that you cannot be too conservative when it comes to checking the quality of petition signatures. We use state-of-the art, customized database programs to make your petition drive "sabotage-proof.” Throughout the petition gathering phase, we consistently enter large samples of signatures and addresses into our proprietary database system to weed out duplicates and unregistered voters. Then we actively cross-off all invalid signatures by hand. This gives you the strongest possible safeguard available today and saves you money by not paying for unnecessary invalid signatures.

Systematic Organizational Oversight
Invalid signatures are the quickest route to bankrupting and/or disqualifying your effort. Some opponents will intentionally attempt to sabotage petitions by loading them with false signatures. We carefully track validity rates for every single petitioner and quickly eliminate bad signatures and any problem petitioners. Unlike our competitors, we have the unique ability to manage the many details of a professional petition drive. Experienced staff members closely monitor our independent contractors who gather signatures for you. Proper training and motivation keep our directors alert to irregularities that could signal fraud or poor quality work. Since we guarantee valid signature results, you can be sure that we rely only upon senior staff, with years of field experience, to check petitions for suspicious trends, and manually cross off all duplicates.

On Time Processing and Delivery
Maximum efficiency and attention to detail is a must when completing the tedious steps of tallying final signature counts on each page and separating thousands of petitions by county (or congressional district) and according to laws that vary widely by state. Finally, we box, seal and securely store all petition sheets before delivering them to the proper officials in each and every county on or before the deadline. Officials in each county or district must begin the long process of verifying sometimes hundreds of thousands of signatures, so we recognize the importance of making their job easier by delivering petitions to officials bundled by signature count, labeled clearly and boxed appropriately. Through years of experience, we have also come to know how different registrar officials work and use that knowledge to deliver the petitions accordingly.